Still. When the Wait is Over. Ya Basta.

Still. When the Wait is Over. Ya Basta.

They say patience is a virtue. We are encouraged to take a deep breath and focus on the present, and allow our future to unfold organically. However, a question I have held onto to now for so very long, is how long must we wait…

Our signs demand justice; our voices have developed a tired rasp with every chant, yet we still continue to scream in the streets.

Everyday our families internalize fear. Each day as many set off to fill our tables with the produce we take for granted, there is a terror they may not find a safe home at their shifts end. Little ones whisper and retell the adult conversations they overhear as parents and neighbors share their migra sightings and stories at the dinner table. Panic posts fill Facebook feeds, and haunting images of white trucks with the Department of Homeland Security Logo spread like fire through every text and social media outlet.

Every community forum we are told “do not open the door,” with the empty promise this will lift our community’s scared spirits and make whole the shattered security stripped away with a new national narrative of hate and intolerance

We wait for our City Council to join cities across the nation showing solidarity with their immigrant communities with the safe haven designation. We have marched to their meetings. We have sent emails. We have been told it is coming. We wait and organize in the darkness the protections we have to offer, but we wait. Still.

It was brought to our City Council months ago. Sounds of Aztec drums filled the council chambers as our ancestors guided each speaker with the power of their truth. Sharing an extension of who they are, immigrants, residents, citizens, undocumented, mixed status… the message was clear. Aqui estamos y no nos vamos.

We need to continue to push. To remind the generations behind us that in their stillness we move. We must model action. We can no longer wait. How do you push? What are you doing in this moment and in our everyday to push?

With love we walk into their stillness June 6th at 4:00 pm at our City of Salinas City Council Chambers and will be heard. We demand a sanctuary city resolution.