Our Salinas Revolution

Today in 1965 Malcom X was assassinated. A man with a message of reclaiming power, of finding voice in movement, and a revolutionary who acknowledged that, “revolution knows no compromise… revolution overturns and destroys everything that gets in its way.”
Today is a moment for the Salinas community to call on their commitment to the revolution. To the revolution that would require elected officials to be held accountable to those that they serve. To a revolution that Immortal Technique says will be born out of a love for the people. To a revolution that would recognize the Capitalist White ideals that govern a community like ours, have no place in transformative healing and hope. To our revolution, led by us, driven by us, that recognizes us and commits to love and protect our undocumented brothers and sisters with the deepest sense of unshakable solidarity.
Tonight was a reflection of the prevalent racism and ignorance that leads the City of Salinas. Despite legal acknowledgement that it is unconstitutional to revoke federal dollars as claimed by Donald Trump should Cities across the nation declare themselves a “Sanctuary City,” money was chosen over the well being of our community. The shame in Kimblee Craig, Steve McShane, Tony Villegas, and Mayor Joe Gunter choosing those dollars over human lives is more than the word disappointment can capture. Each openly acknowledged a concern for funding, and each turned their heads to their local obligations to our community and urged those in federal positions to take action. Yet while delegating the policy work to those in State and Federal seats, each lifted up their own individual, “appreciation for immigrants,” without having their actions match their words.
It was Gloria de la Rosa, Tony Barrera, and Scott Davis who had the courage to speak a reality so many live. To share not only stories, but commit to action and to protecting those most vulnerable in the capacity each of them could. Tonight they used their seats to represent so many who have felt voiceless, and they shine hope against an other wise disconnected majority that we as a community intend to question.
I encourage anyone who calls Salinas home to watch the video carefully. To study their words, to hear their truth and align it with the moral and ethical codes you carry with you each day. We are living in the new Civil Rights era and now is the time our officials matched the intentions and dreams we have for our Salinas, and if they are not, we take those seats for our community, our voice.
Hasta la victoria siempre…